Barbara Blokpoel


Barbara’s passion lies in helping individuals, groups and teams develop their cross culture competence in order to help clients benefit from the (cultural) value differences they experience in both their professional and private lives.

Professional Experience

Prior to relocating to the Netherlands, Barbara supervised a variety of national education projects and was an educator for young adults in a variety programs. She has also worked with the Canadian Ministry of Health on various National Workshop projects.

At Trompenaars Hampden-Turner she has been involved with global corporate clients, national and international educational institutions and international business schools, both organizing and running culture awareness and dilemma reconciliation workshops and programs. As a member of the training department, she has worked intensively with such global clients as Philips, NXP, Maersk and Angelini, both as program liaison and as trainer.

In addition to her current role, she has been an assistant professor for both the International Business Administration and the Master’s Cross Cultural Management courses at the Vrije University in Amsterdam since 2007.

More recently, she has co-translated Fons Trompenaars and Ed Voerman’s book, Servant-leadership across cultures.


Born to Dutch parents, Barbara grew up in Canada where she completed degrees in Comparative International Studies and Native (Indigenous) Studies, as well as a Master of Social Work (MSW).

Involved from a young age in international peace organizations, she furthered pursued her interest in cross cultural relations working and living in different parts of Canada, Ecuador and Israel, as well as completing an internship in Kenya. She speaks fluent English and Dutch, as well as moderate French and basic Spanish.

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