Creativity and Innovation

We propose a new consulting approach that extends established theories of creativity and theories of innovation. It shows how organizations can create a culture of innovation that stimulates and harnesses creativity. The core philosophy of this new approach is the connection between organizational development and the development of individuals, particularly in terms of leadership, the chief aims being fruitful use of talent and motivation of the workforce.


When creating a culture of creativity and innovation we address three areas:

Leadership and individual development, including cultural awareness and how to use diversity as a leader.

Team effectiveness, including team roles, practices and attitudes.

Organizational development, which involves bringing the authority down to the appropriate level within the organization, as well as focusing on the role of leadership in developing a culture of sustainable innovation.

This approach, tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances and objectives, consists of the following elements:

  • Inquiry into what innovation means for your organization; what has made you successful in the past and how you can build upon your success?
  • What would a culture of innovation look like, and what does it require?
  • Definition of your goals, the outcomes (specific per area) to find out where the commitment lies.
  • Assessment (using Internet tools, interviews, etc.) of individual, team and organizational creativity and innovation competence. Setting benchmarks for change.
  • Commitment In Action program and Breakthrough Initiatives, an action learning program producing concrete mid- and long-term results, where creative individuals work in teams. The various “building blocks” of this program are determined by your goals, specific circumstances and objectives.
  • Ongoing individual and team coaching.
  • A process for monitoring the effect of the program and measuring the success.


As a result of this approach our clients will have:

  • Awareness of individual, team and organizational competence for innovation.
  • An individual roadmap for increasing creativity.
  • A team roadmap for increasing inventive competence by reconciling key team dilemmas.
  • An organizational roadmap for developing a culture of creativity and innovation.
  • Increased competence (individual, team and organizational) for dealing effectively with diversity by reconciling dilemmas, making the Commitment actionable.