Cultural Integration

Our approach to Cultural Integration

When leaders face the challenge to integrate their organization after a merger, acquisition or joint venture, cultural challenges occur at the organizational, team and individual levels. Trompenaars Hampden-Turner has advised many clients to secure the business benefits of the integration by embracing culture at an early stage and by actively creating a new high performing culture focused on shared values and reconciled differences. Culture defines the context in which people leverage their energies in order for the organization to deliver optimum results. This human element often explains what distinguishes the highest performing companies from those that lag behind. High performing companies are those that ensure that business operations, management, strategy, culture and people are fully aligned. Engaging the human factor in an integration program, will lead to accelerated growth on a personal and team level resulting in raised and sustained performance in the new organization.

Your benefits

With our “best of both” approach, we contribute to a successful integration by building on insights into the business and cultural strengths of both organizations, by clarifying the aspired vision and values of the combined entity, as well as opportunities and by identifying the levers-to-pull. This helps us to co-develop a Roadmap for Integration to an inclusive and long-term integration process, linking people and culture to business issues. In this process we facilitate individuals and teams in your organization to:

  • Effectively deal with uncertainty about an unpredictable future and convert low morale into high levels of effectiveness
  • Improve leadership skills and cultural competence in the new context
  • Achieve the strategic goals of the combined entity


Depending on the stage you have reached in the integration process, we can assist your organization in different phases, customized to your specific situation, along the path of our overall recommended approach:

Integration Program

An integration program is more than simply combining different entities: it is the creation of a new organization that is more than the sum of the separate parts. Once leaders recognize the critical human factor in this process of creation, the integration becomes an inclusive process with an increased chance for success. Success requires conscious planning and execution as well as constant monitoring of progress – together with the leadership and/or integration team we develop the Roadmap for Integration.

Partnering with your organization

In our approach:

  • Our role is to facilitate, moderate and coach you and your teams to meet personal, team and organizational objectives
  • You need to build on what you are already doing well: maintaining the positive aspects of the existing entities and connecting these to the positives of the new entity
  • A quick transfer of our knowledge and skills to you and your organization is important for the organization-wide implementation
  • We work in partnership with external parties as required

Overall, our methodology seeks to overcome the limitations of classic change management programs that ignore the culture component. This is the major reason that many integration processes fail to realize the business benefits that prompted the integration in the first place.