• Alpha Global Xperts Inc. (Canada, Germany)  

Alpha Global Xperts Inc. is a high-touch, boutique consultancy based in Alberta, Canada with a vast reach of international partners and resources. We exercise our international business and cultural expertise to help companies, particularly in the technology and energy manufacturing sectors, expand into or within suitable international markets. We focus on alleviating the unique challenges medium-sized businesses face when entering or expanding in a foreign cultural environment.

  • CON>ERSUS (South Africa)

Con>Ersus’s extensive experience in Conversational Leadership and Culture Change results from working with a diverse range of clients at every level in both the private and public sectors.

  • Crust Young Consultants (USA)

Founded in early 2012, Crust Young Consultants is a management consulting firm based in New York City and Amsterdam. CY acts from decades of senior management experience in various backgrounds: leading businesses, public policy, consultancy, organizational development, leadership training and intercultural and change management.

  • Going Places (Brazil)

Goingplaces is an intercultural consulting company in the Brazilian market since 1999, working with multinational companies and companies in internationalization process, fast tracking the learning curve of their leaders and teams when  crossing  international or regional borders. 

  • The European House – Ambrosetti (Italy) Logo

The European House – Ambrosetti is a professional group founded in 1965 by Alfredo Ambrosetti and over the years has developed diversified activities in Italy, Europe and throughout the world. The European House – Ambrosetti has developed services, tools and innovative methods suited to companies of all sizes, geographies and business sectors, in three different areas of activity: Management Consulting; Professional Updating Services; Workshops and Forums.

  • The Xpat Coach (Germany)

The Xpat Coach supports expat assignees as well as their partners in solving transition challenges in their personal and professional life. Focusing on cultural awareness our customers discover their resources to tune into the different cultures of their working and host country environment. They delivered more than 500 telephone sessions in English, German, French and Dutch over the last 5 years.

  •   Indoor Outdoor Management trainingen)logo indoor_outdoor

Ton Bastiaans MA, the founder of Indoor Outdoor, specializes in helping people and organizations to integrate, bringing unique skills and experiences to facilitate their professional and personal  development. Ton Bastiaans is a qualified therapist; over 25 years of experience enables to simplify and apply key psychotherapeutic principles, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Transactional Analyses and Psychological Biography to unlock potential.