Trompenaars Hampden-Turner certifies individual consultants, trainers, facilitators and coaches to use its proprietary tools.

The supported online technical process allows trainers and licensees to create their own passwords, and monitor or download the user profiles online, giving greater flexibility and autonomy when working with your clients.

Our two day certification program provides thorough training in the use of our online tools, the intellectual property and models, as well as how to interpret and use them as part of a successful training or facilitation project.


Upon completion of the licensee certification program participants will have:

  • Certification to deliver the Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP) and the Culture Compass OnLine (CCOL)  in their practice areas
  • A  grounding in the relationship between culture and the workplace through an understanding of the Trompenaars seven dimension model of culture
  • Background on the use of the IAP and CCOL to develop participant’s cultural competence in workshop or client interventions
  • Training in using and interpreting the IAP and CCOL profiles and results
  • Capability to deliver information about the application of the IAP and CCOL  in business, for example, working with global/virtual teams, leadership development programs, and cross-cultural workshop designs
  • Trainer specific online access to set up unique client passwords, monitor your participant responses, review, print and download profiles
  • Access to regularly updated materials; statistical analysis, country information and books.
  • Access to online and telephone support

You can download more information here or please feel free to contact us at and on +31 20 3016666.