The new approach to Sustainability

In the present economic crisis it is even more evident that past financial performance is no indicator for the future. We need a new paradigm to manage and secure current and future sustainability. Trompenaars Hampden-Turner’s research reveals that opportunities and success depend on how well an organization’s leadership and management address and resolve the tensions resulting from different value orientations between the five stakeholders in organizations – Business Processes, Employees, Shareholders, Society and Clients/Suppliers. We refer to these tensions as the ‘Ten Golden Dilemmas’.

For that purpose we developed our Sustainability Scan, consisting of three modules:

Module 1 ~ What are the dilemmas created by the conflicting demands of your stakeholders and how well is your organization doing to reconcile these?

Module 2 ~ Competence Scan of your leadership to deal with those dilemmas effectively.

Module 3 ~ An Organizational Value Profiler checking how your culture supports an environment in which these dilemmas are solved and, thereby, leads to sustainability.

By assessing the way in which you deal with these tensions, we can provide an approach with concrete steps to increase the sustainability of your organization and to prepare for the lifting of the crisis.

Challenges of a sustainable organization

  • Challenges related to the competing demands of shareholders, clients, employees, society, suppliers and business processes, for which there is a need to find effective, integrated solutions for all.
  • Need for an integrated overview of key issues and priorities within your organization from your organization’s and stakeholders’ point of view.
  • Need for a prioritized overview of strengths and weaknesses of your organization.
  • Responding to short-term priorities while ensuring positive impact on long-term sustainability.
  • Increase clarity about your future strategy and measurable business goals and monitor progress in sustainability: Key Reconciling Indicators (KRI’s).
  • The need to anchor and communicate sustainability at every level within your organization in an integrated way, such as by means of training and developing staff.
  • How competent are your leaders to reconcile dilemmas?
  • How ready is your organizational culture to support an environment for reconciling dilemmas?

Your benefits

Trompenaars Hampden-Turner can help your organization to:

  • Indicate the ‘pain-gain’ areas: the key issues and tensions that need to be reconciled. We will prioritize these from a 360° perspective: your organization’s perspective as well as from your stakeholders’ point of view. This helps to indicate where the greater business benefits will be obtained to achieve better performance. We use a Return on Reconciliation (ROR) Index, indicating the areas that require least investment and bring highest returns.
  • Develop a concrete and systemic approach to address in a consistent, reliable and repeatable manner your current and future challenges and dilemmas and your organization’s key relationships.
  • Obtain a clearer view of where you stand in the market against relevant benchmarks. The manner in which you and your competitors resolve their key dilemmas are key elements in your market position.
  • Identify possible gaps between your organization’s view and that of your stakeholders on the most important dilemmas you are facing and provide an approach how these can be bridged.
  • Learn from your and others’ best practices by evaluating the dilemmas you and your competitors are already resolving well, to become even more innovative and sustainable.
  • Assess the competence of your leaders and develop an action plan to develop this competence.
  • Assess the readiness of your organizational culture and define change management strategies for improvement.