Trompenaars Hampden-Turner have the largest cross cultural database in the world in which we have captured the key business issues that relate to cultural differences. Together with our corporate and dilemma databases, we have approximately 100,000 records from over 100 countries that underpin our work and enable us to benchmark challenges faced by our clients. This rich intellectual capital offers direction to solutions for improved performance and future sustainability.

We make culture tangible and measurable

We have a full spectrum of associated profiling and assessment tools:

  • for individuals we have various instruments for determining cross-cultural orientations and preferences: intercultural competence profiler, personal values profiler, intercultural leadership assessment etc.
  • for teams we consider the variability and harmony in personal cultural preferences and value systems as well as extended team measuring and team building metrics for multi-cultural teams.
  • for organizations we conduct organization values assessment, identity and focus, preparedness for globalization, through to the cultural aspects of mergers and acquisitions. We also asses corporate culture and corporate inertia.

Preview the Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP) - our most commonly used web tool that more than 100,000 managers have completed over the past 20 years.

Preview the Intercultural Competence Profiler (ICP) - our unique profiler, constructed to be free of cultural bias, used by leaders and managers world-wide to develop the competence to work with other cultures.

Web Tools

We offer a wide range of tools to be able to attend our client needs. We have divided them into four main areas:

  • Webcue systems in General
  • Web tools concerning Individuals
  • Web tools concerning Teams
  • Web tools concerning Organizations

Culture Compass

We have developed The Culture Compass (CCOL) as an inter-active multi-media, web based learning system that embraces many aspects of business across cultures. It is usually used in blended learning mode ~ that is ~ in combination with training workshops, although it can be used entirely as an e-learning tool. The CCOL can be configured to focus on key areas, depending on the interest of the client group.

Extended Profilers

Many of the standard models and frameworks used in business management owe their origin to research conducted with a US American or Anglo-Saxon signature. We do not wish to overly criticize well established models like Myers-Briggs MBTI personality profiling, Belbin’s Team Analysis or Kirton’s KAI Adaptation Inventory. Our interest is to see if we can extend these models so that they might be more appropriate when seeking to transfer them to other cultures or multi-cultural situations.