Carlo Capponi


Dr. Carlo E. Capponi has a profound understanding of how differences in culture and international co-operation affect business, gained while working in various industries: consumer goods, financial service, retail, information technology, industrial goods, health care and transportation.

Professional Experience

Before coming to THT, he gained line experience at Montedison, an Italian conglomerate, in turnaround projects across Europe and in international business development. More recently, he has focused his practice around issues of global strategy development, cultural change management, facilitation of post merger integration, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. He has authored articles on strategy, corporate planning and process re-engineering, and has assisted his clients in managing international strategies, international expansion, and global organizational development.


Dr. Carlo E. Capponi studied business and economics at Bocconi University (Milan), where he was contract professor for Strategic Planning and Technology Management from 1995 to 1999. He is bilingual with Italian and German and has a good command of English, Spanish and Portuguese. He has 3 children, and lives and works between Amsterdam, Munich and Milan.