Drs. Tong Schraa-Liu, MBA


Tong has 15 years of experience in developing trans-cultural and transformational leadership; catalyzing organization growth and system shift; integrating cross-border mergers and acquisitions; and synthesizing Eastern and Western legacies between China/India – Western alliances and partnerships.  She has worked successfully with a variety of organizations in private and public sectors as well as NGOs and multilateral agencies in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America.

The key driver of her work is to unleash individual and collective creative potential to fulfill the purpose of individuals, organizations and whole systems. Her work and practices are informed by both Asian ancient wisdom and Western modern business practices, and are sourced from the integration of Western and Eastern cultural and philosophical heritages.

Professional Experience

Her private-sector clients include, among others, ArcelorMittal, Aker Group Finland, Bank of Beijing, Docomo NTT, Dow Chemicals, DSM, General Electric, General Motors, KPN Mobile, ING Group, Lafarge, Lenovo, The Linde Group, Nemak, Nike, Nokia, Phillips, PepsiCo, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Vopak.

Her not-for-profit client includes, among others, Chinese Government, European Commission, Ethiopian Government, International Criminal Court, Dutch Government, United Nations, UK National School of Government, and International Organization for Migration.

Tong is a faculty member of Duke Corporate Education, London School of Economics, the UK National School of Government and United Nations Systems Staff College. She teaches Executive MBA programs at University of Amsterdam, Rotterdam School of Management, Nyenrode University and taught at Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy of School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University.

She is a co-author of the book Responsible Global Leadership – the first comprehensive study on global responsible leadership, published by Routledge in 2006.

Tong is the Founder and CEO of Tong Schraa-Liu & Partners, an international consulting firm and think tank, headquartered in Amsterdam, advising clients on global leadership development, organizational transformation, Mergers and Acquisitions integration, as well as national development and inter-governmental collaboration.


Tong obtained her first degree in Law in Shanghai, China, the second degree in Business Economics as well as a MBA in the Netherlands, and studied Philosophy at Free University in the Netherlands.  She works and consults in English, Dutch and Chinese.

In addition to her consulting and teaching activities, Tong is active in the field of international peace, sustainable societal development, and nuclear weapon disarmament initiatives.