Peter Woolliams


Prof. Peter Woolliams, PhD, is senior partner with THT and is also Emeritus Professor of International Business at the Ashcroft International Business School (AIBS), Anglia University, UK, having formerly been Professor of Management at the East London Business School in the UK. He has worked extensively as an academic and practitioner management consultant throughout the world with many leading organizations and management gurus and is visiting professor at several international institutions.

Professional Experience

He has been visiting Research Fellow (and now owner/partner) at THT for 23 years during which he has worked closely with his co-author Prof. Dr Trompenaars. Peter’s contribution has been to support the development of the THT’s cross culture and knowledge management database and its reliability and consistency through extensive rigorous analysis and the extensive range of web based diagnostic tools.


He has an extensive research and publication record and is frequently invited to make keynote presentations throughout the world at major international conferences. His earlier work was on computer based corporate models and simulation studies for business strategy development and formulation. More recent research is concerned with transferring business and management models to other cultures and markets. He co-authored ‘Business Across Cultures’ and ‘Marketing across Cultures’ with Fons Trompenaars, and more than dozen academic and practicioner articles.