Trompenaars Hampden-Turner works with all business implications of Culture. We offer long-term interventions for such issues as:

  • global business expansion
  • business and cultural integration
  • high performing cultures
  • corporate identity (mission, vision and values)
  • cross-cultural competence
  • culture of creativity and innovation

Our tailored solutions are based on your organization’s needs and leveraged from our intellectual capital captured in our databases and incorporated in the solutions we offer to our clients. We identify the key challenges your organization faces and provide solutions to overcome tensions resulting from competing viewpoints and priorities.

We provide longer term interventions that embrace the above but which extend to:

  • Overcoming cultural factors in post-merger integration
  • Facilitate vision and values to strengthen corporate identity
  • Surface cultural challenges which may be creating obstacles
  • Assist in creating a business climate of mutual respect and trust in order to integrate diversity

…and thereby help you to realize a hyper-culture.